Just-in-time information & guidance at work

Create & manage a private app that's quality assured, version managed & customised with critical process guides & reference materials suited to your mobile & desktop users.

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Key Features

Blippit® Nano at your fingertips

Work colleagues get the latest version of managed & quality checked reference materials published by you & your team.

Blippit® Nano on-the-go

It doesn't matter whether colleagues are mobile device users or tied to a desktop. Everyone is included.

Blippit® Nano customised for you

Personalised to your organisation's brand & customised to suite how your information needs to be organised.

Blippit® Nano hosting

Removing a common barrier for teams, Blippit® Nano is encrypted, account based and hosted here in the UK.

Users include

Blippit Nano
NHS expertise is used to create, manage & distribute authoritative critical care information & guidance to health care professionals on their mobile device at the point of need.
Nano Drug MonographsManage who can do whatBlippit Nano Drug Guidelines

Our Mission

Blippit Nano
Blippit® Nano is one of the latest developments for the Blippit platform created in response to demand from the private and public health sector to help empower an often over-stretched workforce by giving access to key information on-the-go.

Benefits of Blippit® Nano include; clear cost savings, smart mobile access to knowledge for specialist healthcare teams curated by your own in-house experts. Our product can also be hosted by your Trust too with all of the security and peace of mind that might bring.

Our goal has been to direct our energy & passion for app innovation into providing yet another powerful Blippit® tool & to put it in the hands of non-technical experts from different fields including pharmacy & HR. We hope you'll agree that we have achieved our goal & look forward discussing your project's needs soon.